Why ride a Turner?

  • I have been through many bikes and this Sultan is truly the best I have ever had. While in the market for a new bike I test drove almost every fullsuspension 29er there is. The proportions of my bike has the best fit for my 250lb, 6’3” frame which has increased my confidence level in the more technical sections. Nice going to all the guys at Turner for the Sultan.
    Bob Murphy

  • I wanted to say how happy I am with the new 5-spot, it suites me perfectly... I expected it to be good, but I did not expect to be over the old 5-spot this quickly.
    Troy Richardson

  • Huge fanboy of Turner bikes. Third season on my 5 Spot and it just gets better. Lots of adventures on this bike Canada and the US, keep it tuned and everyone is happy... Best bike I've ever had. Just keeps getting better!
    Steve Biggs

  • Just made the maiden ride on my beautiful new Turner Suspension Bicycles 5Spot and it was nirvana. Special thanks to David Turner and Greg who took great care of this passionate lover of Turner bikes ... you guys rock and can't tell you how much I love the new 5Spot frame ...
    Mike Ricci

  • Turners rock!!!
    Chris Kozlowski

  • Just wanted to let you know I love my new 5-Spot! I took my first real ride today down Noble Canyon and, wow, what a difference from my old Stumpjumper! Ground clearance, climbing, downhill thru the nasties, cornering, handling, balance at low speed, flat out pedaling, plushness... incredible difference. Awesome bike! Doug and Mike at North of the Border Bikes here in San Diego were awesome.
    David Johnson

  • You and your company's patience and great customer service (even with someone with a 7 year old frame) is one of the reasons I'm not considering anything but a Turner for my new bike this year.
    Ron Berry

  • This bike just continues to impress me, whether it's long climbs or the nastiest descents. The DW Spot is the first bike I've ridden that truly blurs the lines between XC- Trail- AM... pick your poison, it does it all!
    Lance Gerber

  • Phenomenal bike, the boys at Turner have a gem on their hands. This is above and beyond anything I've ridden recently or in the past. Looking forward to putting a pile more miles on this thing. Thanks very much!

  • Just got a Sultan last week. Best bike I have ever ridden! Took my riding to the next level. Rode the Very technical Zen Trail in St. George the second ride and made stuff on the uphill and downhill that I don't think I would have made on another bike. No need for gravity dropper post or sitting back on the seat when dropping in to the gnarlys just sit down and go. The awesome Fox 34 fork, slack angles and the big front just works their magic. You think this set up would be adverse for steep tech climbs but the front wheel stays down and the bike just digs in. Love this bike!
    Paul Zembruski

  • I love my bike! Thank you David Turner
    Christine Eikmeier

  • I just made the switch from the 2010 Turner Sultan to the 2012 and WOW! In one word, Stiff. The stiffness added by the addition of the through axel in the back and the 44 head tube up front make the ride noticeably more precise and some how smoother than the last incarnation. The other big surprise for me is the chain guide, something I did not think I would even use when I ordered the new bike. It improved my front shifting and makes the bike so quiet that on the down hill all you here is the sound of tires on dirt!
    Judd Kleinman

  • Grinning ear to ear after every ride!
    Lukas Wibowo

  • My Sultan is the best riding bike I have ever owned! And I've owned/ridden many bikes over the past two decades! Even my Yeti got shoved to the back of the garage...sorry Yeti....
    Genny DeVries

  • My 1st full suspension bike n it still climbs like my hardtail or better
    Henry Thean

  • I ride a Turner because it's a Turner. The frame material is secondary to the people behind the bike. As long as Turner continue down the same path then I will continue to ride them. . . My 2012 5.Spot is the best bike I have ever owned.
    James Evans

  • ...Of the 15 or so bikes I rode, 26, 650b, and 29ers the Burner was the best of them all. I immediately felt like the bike was glued to the trail. It climbed very well and descended like it was on rails... Kudos to Dave on an awesome bike.
    David Hamilton

  • I had a great time at Outerbike, rode a lot of bikes. The Turner Burner was the Best bike I rode (I rode all of the 650). It was a blast to ride, I"ll have to start saving my money to get one.
    Timothy Byrd

  • My 2012 5-Spot is my 7th mountain bike, but my first Turner. WOW, It was a shock to realized what I was missing. Outstanding bike and fantastic customer service. First thing I noticed on the 5-Spot is that it peddles like a hard tail and when you point it downhill it has the stiffness of an Abrams Tank!
    John J. Kitt

  • My hat off for Greg, he solved an issue in the best way I could imagine. Talking about customer service? Turner rocks!! Thanks guys!!!
    Carlos Calleja Morencia

  • Thank u guys at Turner bikes for a great bike that can keep u riding on and on!! American product and welding keeps us happy! keep up the good work.. West Marin, CA
    Dennis Irish

  • Turns so well. The acceleration from a 'pump' is unreal. Launches forward when you crank it. So stable at speed. Its playful and light. What ya waiting for ?...
    Myles Kelsey

  • Best Bikes Period. Going 9 years of riding nothing but Turners. Thanks Dave and Crew!
    John Devine

  • Perfect bikes for all conditions and so versatile depending how you build them! Excellent Quality!
    Chris Penn

  • Unmatched quality, excellent customer service and outstanding design. Best mountain bikes in the world.
    Chris Bussiere

  • Oh how the DHR corners!
    Cory Clark

  • I have a Turner Flux and I am in love with my bike! It's a great climbing bike and it handles the trails incredibly well. Someday I would like to purchase the Sultan or the 5 spot.
    Heather Nelson

  • why look for something better? the 5.Spot is already the best .... as they were in the past Burner XC and XCE (all proudly in my garage). After the DW-link, the only real (r)evolution could be the black plastic material .... Dave only knows, but whatever he decides always find space for a new Turner in the garage!

  • After a few weeks of ride time on my new Burner I’m floored. Hands down this is the best trail bike I’ve ever ridden. The most surprising part is the suspension; I can’t believe what the bike can handle with minimal travel...No need for anything more. Pedaling is second to none and the unparalleled stiffness makes for top notch handling. This thing kills it.
    Ian Collins

  • The new Burner is absolutely awesome!!! Nice work Turner team you seem to have found the sweet spot!
    John Tony Ruiz

  • The Turner Burner rocked Outerbike. Rode over everything the North 40 Trail had to toss at it! Like you said, if you keep pedaling the bike/d-w link will get you over it! Thank you for bringing them and being there David Turner.
    Kerry Dunn

  • It's like this bike was made for Tahoe. Can't say enough great things about my 5 spot.
    Kevin Mortensen

  • Thought my ’09 Sultan TNT was awesome until rode a demo of the DW version at Sea Otter Classic last year. Was warned "I’ll let you ride it, but you’re gonna want one". Bought one within a month and been loving every minute of it! U.S. made and unmatched support...The way it should be!
    Adam Linder

  • Turner’s Rock! Only problem is that I’m feeling guilty. I just got a 2012 5-Sopt last Fall and now my 2008 Sultan and 2010 Flux are lonely and feeling rejected. They’ve been good rides - loyal and fun, but I’m smitten with this new, younger ride. We need counseling...
    Mark Erickson

  • I bike to work every day and do XC weekly on my hardtail. I plan to get a full suspension bike for trail tracks. I went to many bike shops and had opportunity to test ride most of them. It has been 2 months and I kept coming back to Turner’s shop to ride the Spot again and again. I decided to have one.
    N. Jati

  • I have had my Turner Sultan now since August 2012. I haved logged many hours of trail rides in all types of weather conditions on Pennsylvania’s root-filled and rocky terrain. This bike does it all. I could not happier with the bike, and the service I received from Turner when I ordered the Sultan direct from the company. Great bike, great company!

  • OMG! Took the maiden voyage on my new Turner Burner today. What a machine. I am 5'7" and that 650b wheel size is BOSS. I can finally retire my 2004 5 Spot! Thanks for another great mtn bike Dave Turner
    Jeff Grella

  • The RFX is alive and well! Many thanks to the guys at Turner for helping me build my dream bike!
    Colin Johnson

  • I feel the need to express my gratitude to Greg from Turner bikes. He took care of a solution for my case was amazing. It's always a pleasure to ride a bike, to have fun on a bike, and my "new" Flux, it's an incredible fun bike. Just added a 120 mm fork and a dropper post, changed the chainring setup (24/38), and it´s a incredible machine for the kind of bike trips that I make (4/5 days). Once again. A Big Thanks from Portugal!!!
    Ernesto Pinto

  • Flux! Still the greatest 26" XC bike ever!
    Chris Gulley

  • I really love my Sultan. We always have fun together on the trails.
    Mo Aussawapong Thumdee

  • I bought my 5 Spot Medium Ano Red Custom frameset in 2007 directly from you guys. I built the bike with complete XTR build and I have love every minute I am on this machine! I have been riding since 1990 and have owned numerous bike and by far my 5 Spot is the best bike I have ever ridden!
    Jayson San Pedro

  • Thanks for the ride yesterday at OB, the geometry of the Burner is perfect, and it was a blast to ride (I rode all the 650's there and only one other was close in feel). Thanks again
    Lawrence D Porter Sr.

  • Coming down that trail on the Czar was absolutely amazing. Stiff, stable, responsive, almost no vibration--I was far exceeding the speeds I am used to, with complete confidence. The total package is beyond anything I ever imagined was possible. I reached the bottom and was utterly shocked and elated, "Are you freaking kidding me"? Crazy laughter.
    Rob L.

  • This week I was able to spend 1.5 hours on a medium Czar and 2.5 hours on a large... Compared to previous bikes I've had or demoed, this is the best pedaling bike I've ridden, no question. It doesn't feel like you are giving up much compared to the HT on fire road or smooth pedaling sections in descend or trail mode however it is just shines when you get in rocky single track. The faster you go the better it just floats.

  • Riding the Czar simply feels natural. Balanced cornering geometry, not twitchy at speed or floppy while climbing, the large wheels and low BB height offer low and stable pedal weighted cornering below the wheel axles. Pedaling is instantly responsive, firm and grippy traction that refuses to spin out on gravely climbs, even when standing to accelerate and climb.

  • I would like to thank you for the Turner Sultan design. I am a 43 year old recovering single tracker... The ride quality of the Sultan is very intuitive and the 5" of travel help my riding, both in confidence and when I do something stupid. I come home after a hour or 2 of single tracking tired but not beat up. That's a big plus.
    K.C. Kowalyk

  • ... it just feels RIGHT and it suits tha kind of riding I call proper mountain biking. Normally 35-45 miles up, down and along type rides..:-) I've been MTbing 20 years now and the Burner is simply the best all round bike I have ever slung my leg across

  • Got a Flux and a Spot, both rides differently yet both have that unique Turner frame stability and control. it gives me great confident in the field and in my investment as well. Great company with great design. Now saving for my 3rd frame.

  • 2 weeks ago I got a turner sultan I would just like to say its the best thing I have ever rode I live in England and have add many bikes but nothing gets close and im a big lad so thank you for making such out standing bikes
    Keith Walters

  • Someone has to write in other language... desde el 2010 tengo mi 5Spot, es una bici que te enseña a manejar, una máquina diseñada para rodar en cualquier terreno, subir, bajar, está hecha para durar y perdurar... gracias a esa gran familia turner
    David Sirit

  • thanks to Dave Turner, I’ve loved every one of my three 5 spots over the last 10 years with lots of interest from guys riding lesser bikes but I cant believe how well my new burner rides, it’s a revelation and smiles all the way, it excels on the downs, I’ve never ridden so fast downhill in the last 20 years as I do on my burner, what a bike!
    jezza palmer

  • I’ve owned plenty of high-end bikes in the past, but since owning Turners I very much doubt i’ll buy anything else. Best handling bikes out there. Period.
    James Evans

  • Thanx David Turner for building a excellent rig capable of 18 years (almost to the day) of reliable service. I'll be back for # 8 ASAP
    Tom McConnell

  • I have had my 5 Spot (standart 26") from July 2007, to many trips, adventures, competitions and long expeditions without any compliance. It´s my appreciated jewell. Always goes with me, no matter where I go. My real parter for a funny and healty life, plenty of sensations and goals... Even with new technologies, sizes and gadgets, she will remain with me for a long, long time...
    Carlos Delgado

  • Oh, Dios mío, esto es tan grande. Me encanta la forma en que jorobas y golpes en el camino. Esa nueva suspensión DW es realmente el pijama de gatos!
    Carlos Danger

  • I’ve been riding a Sultan for the past 3 years and just purchased a Czar. Turner Bikes has simply nailed it, in terms of product and customer service. The Sultan’s versatility can handle a broad spectrum of trails from very technical downhill to a cruise around the block with the family. It instills confidence in my wife. My son rides in his IBert on some burly trails. The perfect AM Bike that always leaves you shaking your head with a smile. The Czar has such an alive feel to it. It’s a race inspired bike, yet leaves you wanting to ride more and more due part to its comfort and feel. My lap times have improved from my 29er hard tail to the Czar. Just an awesome bike. Advice, spend the extra money for longevity and an ultimate mountain bike experience. "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it." I’ll be riding and replacing my Turners indefinitely.

  • I have a 5 Spot built up for Downieville and it rips. Plush, perfect handling, confidence inspiring and just plain fun. I rode a Sultan at Outerbike...it was the best bike I’ve ever ridden so I’ll be building one this summer. My brother is on a Czar and an RFX so I’ve had a chance to run quite a few Turners. Best bikes on the market. Get one…you’ll love it.

  • I’m on my fifth Turner since 1996. I wish I was as good a rider as my Turner is a bike.
    John Frazier

  • Thank you DT for building such a nice and wonderful bikes. I have owned and ridden almost all famous and good brands with different suspension design and I concluded to myself, NO other bikes out there rides like a Turner. I am missing my DW Spot from time to time but the Sultan is my new favorite now. The amount of travel and its 29" wheel is just a perfect rig for a 1-bike setup. I would love to own the Czar or the Burner or the Flux, but for now, nothing else put a grin on my face but the Sultan. Good job Dave :-)
    Manny Relucano

  • Currently own a 2012 5spot and has been great in all of my riding here in the Philippines. I don’t really care when riders talk about the death of 26. Its all about having fun with the bike and riding with friends that really matters and I am glad Im on a 5spot to experience these. Will have to keep this frame for a while and when its time for new one, It will still be a Turner! Thanks DT for creating the true definition of a Mountain Bike. Great customer service paired with Great riding bikes is hard to achieve but I guess i have it in my garage right now.
    Lui Gavino

  • Currently own a 2012 5spot and has been great in all of my riding here in the Philippines. I don’t really care when riders talk about the death of 26. Its all about having fun with the bike and riding with friends that really matters and I am glad Im on a 5spot to experience these. Will have to keep this frame for a while and when its time for new one, It will still be a Turner! Thanks DT for creating the true definition of a Mountain Bike. Great customer service paired with Great riding bikes is hard to achieve but I guess i have it in my garage right now.
    Lui Gavino

  • I just bought a used Highline and was blown away at how it handles and handles whatever you throw at it. I will only look to buy Turners also the rebuild program is the best because of it i may never need to get a new frame.

  • I rode my Turner RFX for 5 years until it was stolen last week. Since I refuse to ride anything else, I wasted no time ordering my new FLUX. Turner frames are the best mt bike frames around.
    Jose Sanchez

  • The Czar is a perfect balance of XC race-ready performance with being stiff, light, and aggressive, while also being fun, nimble, and comfortable on long rides. The geometry is spot-on and is clearly the work of many years of solid design engineering and testing. I love it!
    Erik Larson

  • I have to say, I am impressed from top to bottom with Turner. Dave himself answered my emails. He did so well after hours! My Raw Turner Flux 27.5 is such an upgrade over my 1 year old SC full suspension bike. I only wish I would’ve bought the Flux earlier. Hats off to a great design and great company!

  • My 2008/9 DHR continues to absolutely rock! Rebuilt the main pivot with new hardware and it’s running as well as it ever has. I can’t wait to see what you guys do in the next couple years to the DHR And perhaps a true enduro 160mm bike! I’ll be trading fresh soon!!!
    Ken Lee


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