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I have been through many bikes and this Sultan is truly the best I have ever had. While in the market for a new bike I test drove almost every fullsuspension 29er there is. The proportions of my bike has the best fit for my 250lb, 6’3” frame which has increased my confidence level in the more technical sections. Nice going to all the guys at Turner for the Sultan.

Bob Murphy

I wanted to say how happy I am with the new 5-spot, it suites me perfectly... I expected it to be good, but I did not expect to be over the old 5-spot this quickly.

Troy Richardson

Huge fanboy of Turner bikes. Third season on my 5 Spot and it just gets better. Lots of adventures on this bike Canada and the US, keep it tuned and everyone is happy... Best bike I've ever had. Just keeps getting better!

Steve Biggs

Just made the maiden ride on my beautiful new Turner Suspension Bicycles 5Spot and it was nirvana. Special thanks to David Turner and Greg who took great care of this passionate lover of Turner bikes ... you guys rock and can't tell you how much I love the new 5Spot frame ...

Mike Ricci

Turners rock!!!

Chris Kozlowski

Just wanted to let you know I love my new 5-Spot! I took my first real ride today down Noble Canyon and, wow, what a difference from my old Stumpjumper! Ground clearance, climbing, downhill thru the nasties, cornering, handling, balance at low speed, flat out pedaling, plushness... incredible difference. Awesome bike! Doug and Mike at North of the Border Bikes here in San Diego were awesome.

David Johnson

You and your company's patience and great customer service (even with someone with a 7 year old frame) is one of the reasons I'm not considering anything but a Turner for my new bike this year.

Ron Berry

This bike just continues to impress me, whether it's long climbs or the nastiest descents. The DW Spot is the first bike I've ridden that truly blurs the lines between XC- Trail- AM... pick your poison, it does it all!

Lance Gerber

Phenomenal bike, the boys at Turner have a gem on their hands. This is above and beyond anything I've ridden recently or in the past. Looking forward to putting a pile more miles on this thing. Thanks very much!


Just got a Sultan last week. Best bike I have ever ridden! Took my riding to the next level. Rode the Very technical Zen Trail in St. George the second ride and made stuff on the uphill and downhill that I don't think I would have made on another bike. No need for gravity dropper post or sitting back on the seat when dropping in to the gnarlys just sit down and go. The awesome Fox 34 fork, slack angles and the big front just works their magic. You think this set up would be adverse for steep tech climbs but the front wheel stays down and the bike just digs in. Love this bike!

Paul Zembruski

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