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The Turner RFX, first introduced in 1999, began life as one of the first purpose-built ‘free ride’ bikes renowned for excellent descending manners and efficient pedaling in a world where few bikes could do both. Subsequent models set new standards for longevity under the harshest conditions, with most RFX’s still in use today.

Fast forward to 2016 and the RFX is better than ever, using Toray High Modulus Carbon Fiber we were able to tune the ride of the new RFX to maximize its enduroability. As to be expected from a Turner Bike, there is fantastic tire clearance even with massive 2.4 tires, 160mm travel, dw-Link suspension, and an all new headtube dimension allowing customization of the head angle in half degree increments to a very slack 65° with a 160 fork. Some could build it up light as a long-travel trail bike, while others will build it up as a mid-travel Park slayer. In between is the true purpose of the RFX: Enduro domination. Whether you are riding the gnarliest local trails or the Enduro World Series, let the RFX redefine your experience.

Enduro Rider Gauge Detail

{ Build-Kits are subject to change due to availability. }


weight TBD
drivetrain SRAM GX Eagle, 1×12
fork RockShox Pike RC Solo 160, DF Black, Boost
shock RS Monarch Plus DebonAir, 7.87×2.25
brakes SRAM Guide R, 180/160mm
wheelset Stan’s Flow Mk3
tires Schwalbe Magic-Mary/Rock-Razor [ 2.35/2.35 ]
tubes Stan’s tubeless
headset FSA Orbit Extreme Pro 0˚
handlebar Race Face Respond, 785mm x 19mm
stem Race Face Evolve, 45mm
seatpost KS Lev SI Integra Dropper – 150mm
saddle WTB Volt Pro
grips ODI Elite Motion Lockon
Your Price $ 4,525.00 USD


weight TBD
drivetrain Shimano XT+, 1×11
fork RockShox Pike RC Solo 160, DF Black, Boost
shock RS Monarch Plus DebonAir, 7.87×2.25
brakes Shimano XT Trail, 180/160mm
wheelset Stan’s Flow Mk3
tires Schwalbe Magic-Mary/Rock-Razor [ 2.35/2.35 ]
tubes Stan’s tubeless
headset FSA Orbit Extreme Pro 0˚
handlebar Level 9 Carbon, 785mm x 12mm
stem Thomson X4, 50mm 0°
seatpost KS Integra Dropper – 150mm
saddle WTB Volt Pro
grips ODI Elite Motion Lockon
Your Price $ 4,842.00 USD


weight TBD
drivetrain SRAM X01 Eagle TYPE 2, 1×12, 32T
fork Fox 36 Kashima 170, HSC, LSC all Black, Boost
shock RS Monarch Plus DebonAir, 7.87×2.25
brakes SRAM Guide RS, 180/160mm
wheelset Stan’s Flow mk3
tires Schwalbe Magic-Mary/Rock-Razor [ 2.35/2.35 ]
tubes Stan’s tubeless
headset FSA Orbit Extreme Pro 0˚
handlebar Level 9 Carbon, 785mm x 12mm
stem Thomson X4, 50mm 0°
seatpost KS Integra Dropper – 150mm
saddle WTB Volt Pro
grips ODI Elite Motion Lockon
Your Price $ 5,578.00 USD


weight TBD
drivetrain SRAM XX1 Eagle TYPE 2, 1×12, 32T
fork Fox 36 Kashima 170, HSC, LSC all Black, Boost
shock RS Monarch Plus DebonAir, 7.87×2.25
brakes SRAM Guide Ultimate, 180/160mm
wheelset Stan’s Flow Mk3
tires Schwalbe Magic-Mary/Rock-Razor [ 2.35/2.35 ]
tubes Stan’s tubeless
headset FSA Orbit Extreme Pro 0˚
handlebar Level 9 Carbon, 785mm x 12mm
stem Thomson X4, 50mm 0°
seatpost KS Integra Dropper – 150mm
saddle WTB Volt Team
grips ODI Elite Motion Lockon
Your Price $ 6,028.00 USD

– The FSA Orbit Extreme Pro 0˚ Headset is included with each build-kit.
– The RFX v4.0 ‘Frame-Only’ option comes with a FSA Orbit Extreme Pro 0˚ headset installed.
– Once ordered it may take 2-4 weeks to ship.
The RFX v4.0 is also available as:

  • Frame-Only: msrp: $2,695.00 usd ‡
    – Specs: Frame-only.
  • Upgrade-Kit: Your Price: $3,409.00 usd ‡
    – Specs: Frame with FSA Orbit Extreme Pro 0˚ Headset, and RockShox Pike RCT3 Solo Black Fork.
Wheelset Upgrade: Your options for wheels include: Stan’s Team Flow EX, I9 Trail S, I9 Torch Enduro, Stan’s Carbon Bravo, I9 PillarCarbon Enduro, Knight Composites, and Enve M70 /w DT-Swiss 240 hubs.

These are the stock wheel choices for the RFX, If you would prefer a different model within the same family then let us know at the time of checkout otherwise your bike will ship with the stock configuration (ie. Enve M70 v. M60 v. M90, I9 Torch Enduro v. Trail v. Grade, etc.). Custom colors are available for I9 Torch and Pillar wheel-set options for an additional $250.00 charge and will add 2-4 weeks for your bike to ship.

If you order an “Upgrade-Kit” or “Frame-Only” with a wheel-set option they do not include tires. Please note that I9 Ultralight wheel-sets have a 180lb/82kg recommended maximum rider weight.

Color Options: We are now offering decal color options which coordinate with the RockShox fork and RS DebonAir shock. For an upgrade price of $50.00 you have 8 colorways as choices.

Please note: At this time the color options only work with the stock suspension configuration, thus any upgraded suspension components will come with the original manufactures graphics.

The XX1, X01, and GX build kits come with a 10x50t cassette and a 30t Chainring. The rear derailleur is the new TYPE 2 version. The GX build kit comes with GX 1000 cranks.
The RFX XT drivetrain is available in 1×12 or 2×12. Standard is 1×12 but if 2×12 is desired it can be upgraded for $200.
‡ MSRP is shown for a RFX frame in the Matte Black finish with the selected build-kit choice and stock RS Monarch Plus DebonAir rear shock.

{ Listed geometry based on a 552mm axle to crown fork with a 27.5″x2.35″ tire ( 712mm/28in Outside Tire Diameter), acceptable fork travel range: 160-180mm }


  sm md lg xl
virtual tt 22.5 23.4 24.4 25.5
seat tube 15.0 16.0 18.0 20.0
seat-angle 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
seat post 30.9mm 30.9mm 30.9mm 30.9mm
head tube 3.94 4.33 4.92 5.51
head-angle 66° 66° 66° 66°
head tube 49-62mm Taper 49-62mm Taper 49-62mm Taper 49-62mm Taper
bb height 13.4 13.4 13.4 13.4
bb shell PF30 73mm PF30 73mm PF30 73mm PF30 73mm
chainstay 17.2 17.2 17.2 17.2
stack ~23.5 ~23.5 ~24.2 ~24.9
reach ~15.3 ~16.2 ~17.0 ~17.9
standover 28.8 30.0 31.5 32.65
wheelbase TBD TBD TBD TBD
weight 6.27 6.53 6.78 6.96
{ All specifications are subject to change. Measurements are given in ‘Inches’ and “Pounds’ unless otherwise noted. }


  sm md lg xl
virtual tt 572 594 620 648
seat tube 380 406 457 508
seat-angle 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
seat post 30.9mm 30.9mm 30.9mm 30.9mm
head tube 100 110 125 140
head-angle 66° 66° 66° 66°
head tube 49-62mm Taper 49-62mm Taper 49-62mm Taper 49-62mm Taper
bb height 340 340 340 340
bb shell PF30 73mm PF30 73mm PF30 73mm PF30 73mm
chainstay 438 438 438 438
stack ~595 ~595 ~615 ~632
reach ~389 ~412 ~432 ~455
standover 732 762 800 829
wheelbase TBD TBD TBD TBD
weight 2850 2960 3080 3160
{ All specifications are subject to change. Measurements are given in ‘Millimeters’ and ‘Grams’ unless otherwise noted. }


5’1 (155cm)   5’6 (168cm)
5’5 (165cm)   5’10 (178cm)
5’9 (175cm)   6’1 (185cm)
6’0 (183cm)   6’4 (193cm)






• Rider inspired, trail tuned – Every Turner goes through a rigorous R & D process by David Turner himself. Fine tuning the ride of a bike is as much an artform as it is a science. From plotting numbers via ergonomics and kinesiology to getting dirty and diving into the arduous task of collecting real-world data. Deriving a bike’s geometry is a fiddle task that is best left to those with an aptitude for it. Lucky for us we have a ride tuning genius in our midst.

• Inseam measurements are fine for pant shopping, but have no place in mountain bike shopping. Leg length is what is important as rarely does anyone buy pants that have the same inseam as their actual leg length. Since no one rides barefoot the leg length should be measured with your mountain bike shoes on standing against a wall and with a carpenters square or large sized book firmly raised into the crotch and square to the wall is how to figure leg length.

Turner Bikes measures ‘Standover’ height 6” / 150mm in front of the BB center, that is roughly the MIDDLE of the Top Tube, not at the actual lowest point way back at the junction with the Seat Tube as some companies do. This allows for plenty of standover clearance without the nose of the seat crushing into your spine!


Why offer a Guarantee?

Simply put, we know that you are going to love your new Turner mountain bike. But given the chance that it just doesn’t seem to fit right we want to ensure that you will be a happy Turner Bikes Rider in the long run.

There is a reason why most Turner Riders are ‘lifers’ when it comes to brand loyalty; Our customer service rocks and our bikes love to devour rocks (with grinning anticipation)! But in the end the choice is yours and we will stand behind that choice.



Simultaneously engineered anti-squat and wheel rate curves are the mathematical formulas that make dw-link the world’s most efficient and traction-aiding suspension system.

The dw-link is the only design on the market that is able to control unwanted bob and still remain active in more gear combinations than any other design. Dave Weagle has been refining the mathematics of optimum pivot locations of the dw-link on everything from World Cup winning downhill bikes to short travel XC flyers.



The RFX v4.0 has two new features to make this beast more dropper-post friendly:

1) It now has stealth/ covert/ integra cable routing. Looking for a cleaner way to control your post, well the RFX now has a port at the base of the seattube to run the dropper line in a ‘hush-hush’ sort of way!

2) 150mm dropper compatible. By dropping the length of the Seattube roughly 1in (25mm) we make sure that almost everyone can run the dropper they want.


27.5 INCH

Our trail bike lineup now has two different wheel sizes to choose from – 27.5 inch & 29 inch.

Now you may ask why? Well as a bike manufacture that strives to build the best riding trail mountain bikes on the market we realize that the most important factor in how a bike performs is the rider.

Yes, that means you. Everyone has a different size, shape, and personal riding style. And since each model is designed around that wheel size, they will all handle slightly different and fit your personal riding style better. Bottom line, our bikes are tailored to fit you and your riding intentions beyond your expectations.



A mathematical technique for analyzing stress points, which breaks down a physical structure into substructures called ‘finite elements’. These finite elements and their interrelationships are then converted into equation form and solved mathematically.

We use an FEA computer program to aide in the design of every Turner frame. This helps us maximize the strength and minimize the weight to insure a perfect balance is acheived as form follows function is the convention we adhere by.



Every aspect of the Turner Czar is designed and engineered in the USA. From start-to-finish we have kept very tight tolerances to insure that our carbon frames ride like a Turner. All R & D and proto-type testing is done in-house by our qualified team.

All of our carbon mountain bikes are made overseas at a facility known for holding the highest standards of manufacturing carbon fiber frames…



Ride tuning is accomplished through a carefully crafted carbon layup schedule and precise resin selection to optimize the feel of the terrain being transmitted through the frame. Although impressive stiffness was a goal, we did not want the frame to feel like a block of wood with a harsh ride. We tuned specific ride characteristics into the carbon frame to provide a snappy, yet controlled ride experience. Using Toray High Modulus Carbon Fiber, we were able to exceed our goals with our iteration of how a full-suspension carbon mountain bike should ride and perform.



Head Tube engineering: The RFX head tube utilizes a new headset size to accomodate multiple head angle options (up to +/- 1.5°), increased strength (larger diameter = more surface area), and longer life of the bearings (smarter = better). When coupled with the standard 1.125in taper steerer tube this makes for one bomb proof setup with the adjustability to tuned the ride of the Burner to suite your style.

The frame comes with a standard 49/62mm taper 0° headset and the angle changing headsets will be available as a kit that includes .5° / 1.0° / 1.5° cups on the turnerbikes.com store in just a few weeks.


142×12 THRU AXLE

Rising as the new rear axle standard, 142×12 thru-axles are stronger, stiffer, and simpler. Which is exactly why our mountain bikes come with them, it simply makes good sense. And to top it off we ship our bikes with the DT-Swiss RWS Alloy axle to insure the best performance possible from your Turner Bike!



No cover-plate needed . . . On the RFX we designed it with a removable direct mount adapter. So if you want to run a 1×11 setup then simply remove the front derailleur adapter for a cleaner looking setup. No sloppy looking extras for a more dialed setup!



Made specifically to fit the Turner RFX v4.0 from a thick durable polymer material to deflect most trail debris. Sound deadening, light weight, and impact absorbing, this guard securely bolts in place in three locations and protects against rock strikes that would otherwise chip and scratch the the downtube.



The biggest reason why Turner Bikes chose to pioneer the use of post-mount rear brake mounting was to eliminate the adapter. All disc brake manufacturers and all new fork designs had already gone to the post-mount calipers due to the ease of set up and the increased rigidity provided. Plus, with the decision to create the post-mount rear dropout we removed two bolts that were doing nothing but adding weight and potential flex. An exceptional design begins with simplicity and commonsense.



All of our trail mountain bikes now come with alloy cable clamps to secure those shift and brake lines. Long gone are the days of broken zip-ties and lost plastic snaps. This new elegant option will keep you rolling and your bike looking ridiculously fast.



Bigger bearing = better performance & longer service life; less corrosion (nylon cup barrier /lack of dissimilar materials/ Galvanic Corrosion); larger 30mm spindle allows stiffer and lighter crank assembly with up to 18% lighter than conventional threaded system; there is no risk of cross threading just to top it off! Smarter = Better.


This bike is touted as an enduro specialist. It’s certainly light enough to make it to the top of the climbs, but also has a plush suspension feel that wouldn’t stray away from a few laps in the bike park. For the aggressive rider, this is a bike that can do it all. . .

Read the PDF here

You may not have heard much from Turner in recent years, but make no mistake, the brand hasn’t lost their touch. The new RFX is as capable downhill as it is pointed up, which makes it one of our favorite bikes in the category. . .

Read more here from MTBR.com

Our time on the RFX has constantly left us smiling. We find very little to complain about in this bike and the few hairs that we have split simply come down to personal taste. . . As for the quality of the frame, it’s top notch.

Read more here from MTB-Mag.com

… The huge one piece rocker ensures everything out back runs smoothly – it’s ultra stiff and ensures the shock doesn’t have anything to do with rear end stiffness. Quality mounting hardware is used throughout on the RFX. . .

Read more here from FactoryJackson.com

Turner hit the nail on the head with its fourth version of the RFX.. It sure does pedal well for a bike made for going downhill at blazing speeds, and . . .

Read the PDF here

The bike was always in sync with itself and, as a result, in sync with its rider as well. . . In the end, the RFX met or exceeded every one of my unrealistically-high expectations. At this point, I believe it to be the best of breed in the 160mm Enduro class. . .

Read more here from SingleTracks.com

The Turner responds naturally to body English, so lofting the RFX over short drops or rock gardens becomes intuitive in one or two rides. The RFX is one of the easiest handling bikes we have ridden. . .

Read more here from PinkBike.com

The new Turner RFX is the latest in a new breed of Enduro bikes that straddles the middle ground between hard charging EWS racer and versatile all mountain rig. . . On the trail, the frame felt spot on with minimal suspension fiddling. . .

Read more here from MTBR.com

Bike Radar Verdict – The legendary RFX label reborn as a full-blown enduro racing rig. . . The rear end gobbles up a wide range of trail obstacles while still maintaining a confidently planted and composed feel that begs you to go harder and bigger. . .

Read more here from BikeRadar.com

As well as the RFX climbs, it is far from one-dimensional in its strengths. . . Being intuitive in its handling allowed me to feel confident in pushing the limits of my riding abilities. . . This is a one-quiver bike that I would choose to ride for all types of trail conditions in the Pacific Northwest . . .

Read more here from DirtMerchantBikes.com

If I had to use one word to describe the RFX it would be balanced. . . I believe the RFX is a winner and well worth the wait. It has everything it takes to compete with and beat the other top dogs in this class including a strong stiff chassis, proven suspension design, excellent, balanced geometry, and an unquestioned race heritage. . .

Read more here from StuckInTheSpokes.com

We spent nearly two hours pedaling on Bootleg’s massive and rugged trail network. How did the new RFX perform? Watch our short Turner RFX video review below to find out. . .

Read more here from ParkCityBikeDemos.com

My immediate impressions were just how active the suspension felt without succumbing to pedal induced bobbing. And traction, traction is through the roof. This bike locked into turns through ball bearing dust conditions in a way that. . .

Read the PDF here

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Truly one hell of a bike to ride!!!! enjoyed every moment riding it. The DW-Link was magnificient. The bike descends so damn well that you wouldn’t want to stop….but it doesn’t compromise on the excellent climbing ability of this ENDURO MEAN MACHINE!!!


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hey Guys,finally gotten around to writing this review of the rfx. Firstly thanks to Jared at Turner for helping me get this bike.I think I must be one of only a few people in the Uk riding an rfx as I don’t know of any shops here that stock them.Mine is a basic gx build with stans flow wheels.I’ve changed a few things fairly quickly as I knew they probably wouldn’t be right for me.The saddle had to go first, along with the nobby nic on the front. Am having a love hate,mainly hate with the ks lev integra. Actuator too hard to push and massive stiction issues which unless I can sort will mean dumping for another probably rock shox post.Also had to upgrade the brakes,as here in the uk a 160 rear 180 front isn’t cutting it at the stopping duties in our sloppy conditions. Am now running a 203 front and 180 rear. Happy bunny😃.
    Right enough moaning lets get down to it. I bought this bike mainly as a more ‘enduro’ ride (buzzword alert) I was totally unprepared for how well this thing climbs! I’m still surprised how every time I throw a leg over her she just gets me to the top of things with energy left? How do you do that? Now for the fun part! Having got me to the top with, miraculously, energy left,I can drop the saddle and put down the hammer.the rfx takes to the downhill with aplomb and relish. Drops,berms,gaps,doubles,air time,pretty much everything is sucked up with little if any problems. You do have to push it,but she definitely rewards your effort. It doesn’t happen overnight,you have to ride her,get to know her and get it all dialled in,but once you do,she is the most complete bike I’ve ever owned.Both smooth,stiff and responsive with all the right amount of feedback which lets you know whether to push more or reign it in a bit. All of my close riding buddies have ridden the rfx and are impressed at how good she feels compared to their rides,asking to swap bikes for a downhill section here and there.That is the ultimate compliment to me,as they all ride great bikes from other manufacturers.Congratulations Dave and all at Turner for doing what it says on the tin! Thanks again and happy riding to all. Ed in the uk

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Perfection is the best and really the only way to describe this bike. I went all in and bought the midlife crisis build; XTR, I9 Pillar wheels and Push Elevensix shock with a Push tuned Fox Float 36 170mm up front. It seemed to take an eternity to finally get the bike but that first ride was worth the wait. You could never imagine that a bike with so much travel and such a slack head tube angle could climb so well but this thing does and it does so amazingly well. It might as well be a downhill bike that you can actually pedal uphill to earn the descent. My only complaint is that this bike wasn’t available 3 years ago when I bought my DHR, which is feeling more and more neglected as my RFX gets more and more laps at the bike park. Finally, the customer service is outstanding. Jarett was there every step of the way from start to pickup and first ride, always available to offer assistance as needed. First class company in every area.

    Dave, please build another DHR!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    It was time to step up and upgrade my 26″ bike. In full disclosure, it was a 2010 Turner 5-spot which is the third Turner bike I have owned over the years. There are a lot of quality options out there that I explored but at the end of the day, the RFX won out. It is incredible! It truly does everything better than my 5-spot did. In my opinion, you can’t beat the Turner DW-Link suspension for all around performance. Beyond that comes the subtleties of knowledge that simply make Turner bikes shine. My advice… don’t over analyze the geometry and build nuances and just ride the bike.
    As mountain bikers, we are so fortunate that boutique companies like Turner exist. They do things differently than the big brands and we are all better off for it. It is a much more grass roots experience when you can be guided through the process by the very folks who designed, built and did the R&D on the bike. For those that surf, a good analogy would be the difference between buying a mass produced model sold at every major surf shop or a custom shaped board by a long tenured, local shaper who rides the same waves as you and took the time to understand what performance attributes you are seeking. In a word, you end up with a process and a product that has “Soul”.

    A big thank you to Dave, Jarrett and the rest of the Turner team. They have earned my loyalty yet again… give them a chance to earn yours.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have had my RFX for 15 months now and have ridden it in Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. While I have ridden the trails in those States many times I have never come close to how much fun I’m having on this bike. It is amazing how well this bike goes uphill as it goes downhill and it does both in such an amazing way. I have never had anyone who rode this bike not ask how much

    it cost. The cost BTW is killer when you consider how much diversity you get with this purchase. David, Greg and Jarret are the best. No one has service that is as good as the Turner crew.

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