Jan 192012

2012 Turner 5.Spots are here

The first batch of 2012 5.Spots just came through our doors yesterday with all the new features ready to take your trail riding to the next level.

2012 5.Spot Are Here and ready to ship.

The new features for the 2012 5.Spot are 142×12 through axles, iscg 05 mounts, new cable clamping system (no more zip ties!), increased shock clearance, and a new orange anodized color option. Not to mention all the other great features our bikes have like the 44mm head-tube, post-mount disc brakes mounts, journal bearings, zerk lubrication fittings, and the dw-link!

2012 5.Spot Are Here and ready to ship.

2012 5.Spot Are Here and ready to ship.

Our bikes are legendary for their service life, lateral stiffness, and their superior ride quality all due to these great features that can only be found on Turner Bikes. Redefine what trail riding means to you, Ride a Turner!


  2 Responses to “2012 Turner 5.Spots are here”

  1. The “MADE IN USA” photo is the best of all!
    That’s why when I spend my small fortune on a high quality bike,
    it will only be on a Turner! Thank you for keeping it home!
    I’m willing to pay a premium just for that!
    Best of luck this year guys!

  2. Gorgeous! Any wait time for these? I missed you guys at interbike or I would have tried to steal your floor model looking like that!

    (sadly not in the sports industry anymore, guess it’s MSRP for me, haha)

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