Feb 212012

Turner BikesThe Sultan Turner Bikes donated to the Crankbrothers Dreambikes program was auctioned off on February 19th. Thus far the Sultan is the highest auction winner bringing in $4,025 towards Wheels4Life charity. This is all thanks to a French man named Christian, enjoy the bike sir, you have definitely earned it!

Turner Bikes is a proud contributor to the Crankborthers Dreambikes for the Wheels4Life charity! Read on below for more details about the Dreambikes auction from Crankbrothers:

2012 crankbrothers dreambikes – update #5

Imagine the impact that 363 bikes can have on communities that have no access to transportation… Doctors can visit patients, students can go to school, and adults can earn more money transporting their wares to markets. By raising $36,380 for Wheels 4 Life, that is exactly what the crankbrothers dreambike program has accomplished so far, and we still have four dreambikes to go. We are proud of the success this program has had, and we are humbled by the incredible impact the dreambikes are having on people who are truly in need.

auction results for turner sultan 29er / Last week we auctioned a Turner Sultan 29er dreambike, and this red beauty brought in an impressive $4,025. The winner of the Turner dreambike is a French man who now calls himself Pasta Boy, and I think he explains it best:

” I am the (very, very) happy winner of the Turner sultan. :)

I was not planning to buy a dream bike like that, but I was so touched by the project that I decided to destroy my little piggybank–and now plan on eating pasta the rest of the year.

Anyway thanks for your program, and thanks to Hans Rey for being Hans Rey…
I was dreaming while reading some French magazine during my childhood, showing Hans on a MTB trip in Amazonia Forest (With Steve Peat if I remember well), and now I am really happy to “help” him.

Thanks a lot for this auction; you made a French man really happy. :)

          Christian (Pasta Boy)

So, the Turner is on its way to France, and when Christian sees his amazing new bike in person, a year of pasta will seem well worth it.

the next dreambikes auction : ibis tranny / Up for auction this week is a very limited edition crankbrothers race club team replica bike. The race club athletes, Judy Freeman and Chloe Forsman, will race their Tranny hardtails all over the world as they chase the World Cup circuit, and now you have a chance to race on one too.

Check out the dreambike at http://crankbrothers.com/dreambikes/ibis-tranny-race-club_2.php.

Together we continue to accomplish amazing things by supporting Wheels 4 Life. The dreambikes auction is doing so much to improve the lives of people in Third World Countries, but none of this would be possible without Hans Rey. We agree with Pasta Boy: thanks to Hans Rey for being Hans Rey.

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