Mar 272012

Bearings from the future? An insightful article on

Read this article from the guys at We feel it speaks volumes about the misconceptions of full suspension frame bearings and why what is ‘the standard’ may not be the best option available.

And we would surely jump on this bandwagon right away, except for the fact that it seems we have already been playing in this corner of the sandbox for over 18 years now. In fact we could easily be deemed leaders in this ‘future bearing’ movement seeing as how we have chosen to not only stand by the potential of journal bearings but spend countless hours of R&D refining their application in a real world environment.

Here is a short bit from the article:

So whilst composites have changed the way frames evolve, space age materials have also changed the bearings we use today. . .

But do materials really matter? They do if you don’t want to think about it, say these bearing experts.

David Turner of Turner Bikes said his company uses IGUS journal bearings, which are made of solid composites. “I have always used IGUS and have great life span with them so I find it hard to switch,” said Turner. “Riders in the UK are known to say, ‘when Turner Bike pivots are worn in, others are worn out.’ It is hard to switch with results like that.” . . . [...Read More...]

Turner 5.Spot: Journal Bearings

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