May 032012 Turner DHR review : Turner DHR Review

Turner Bicycles lays claim to offering the world’s first production downhill bike, so it’s no surprise David Turner continues to push the limits of production race bikes. After all, the downhill market has evolved substantially since 1996 when Turner’s Afterburner delivered a whopping 3.6” of rear wheel travel. . . [ more..]

Dirt Rag mag just delivered a stunning Turner DHR review and, if you haven’t yet, this one should be on your must read list. There is nothing less skeptical or more breathtaking than throwing a leg over a Turner DHR and seeing for yourself why it is the privateer’s champion of choice. But in the meantime, this detailed review will have to suffice. . .

Below is the full link to the Dirt Rag Mag Turner DHR review:


Turner Bikes



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