May 242012

142x12 DT-Swiss Aluminum RWS142x12 DT-Swiss Aluminum RWS142x12 DT-Swiss Aluminum RWS through axle

Axle Included! A 142×12 DT-Swiss Aluminum RWS to be specific.

The Turner Flux, 5.Spot, and Sultan all come with the 142×12 DT Swiss Aluminum RWS thru axle. Instead of a regular 5 mm quick release axle, the 12 mm thru bolt offers an ironclad connection to the frame which only adds to the already infamous lateral rigidity of Turner frames. Never will that wayward root or rut threaten to alter your path so easily again! The RWS thru bolt system combines the advantages of a fixed thru axle with the ease of use of a standard quick release.


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