Feb 242012

Straightshot Blog interview with DT & DW about the DHR

Straightshot Blog Interview with DT & DW about the DHR.

StraightShot gets down to the nitty gritty details about the entire birthing process of the dw-link Turner DHR with David Turner and Dave Weagle. Everything from its predecessors and ambitions to whether ‘The Daves’ feel it hit or missed the mark is revealed. But be warned, there are no spoil alerts ahead so don’t be surprised if you’re left with an insatiable appetite for more. . .

Learn why the DHR is so infectious… [..Read More ..]


Turner Bikes


Dec 032011

One Minute With: Turner Bicycles Founder David Turner

David Turner

Turner Suspension Bicycles Founder David Turner

Chris Lesser, with mountainbike.com, just did an interview with our very own David Turner. Here is a little snippet:

David Turner talks 2012 bikes, confesses to an obsession with ‘cross racing, officially puts a fork in the long-awaited RFX (for now), alludes to carbon fiber project bikes (“not next year”) and dishes some straight dope on “over-forking,” Boost Valve shocks and the collaboration process with Dave Weagle.

To read more go to One Minute With: Turner Bicycles Founder David Turner.

Apr 282011

Here is an in-depth interview with David Turner, which is not about dw-links, not about the rfx nor the dhr or anything else relevant to Turner Bikes current offerings. Instead, what it is about is David Turner and who he is, why he does and what the drive really is. . .

. . . very interesting stuff, read it and get a glimpse into the mind of the madman behind Turner Bikes.


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Dec 232010

Legendary downhill racer, John Kirkcaldie, sits down with Sven Martin for some catching up. John was one of mountain biking’s top downhill atheletes from 1995 through 2006 and now resides in his home country of New Zealand. Audio: Sven Martin. Photos: gordo

Follow this link to listen and see:

John is an old friend of ours. . . it’s good to hear from him and take a trip back down memory lane. It’s amazing to realize how fast things change, time will always move forward and we can only do our best not to forget where we came from.

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