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Building American made suspension mountain bikes since 1994, Turner Suspension Bikes has been at the forefront of suspension mountain bike technologies for one very important reason. . . because we ride what we build. Perhaps it is not an altruistic endeavor, but we are also not going to feed you with a loaded mission statement about how we are planing on saving the world one bike at a time.

We simply design and build suspension mountain bikes that are meant to be ridden hard, purely because we prefer riding our bikes over fixing them. The way we see it - a suspension mountain bike should be able to ride through the mud without destroying the pivot bearings, it should be able to effortlessly ride on the side of a rut and then not chatter over a series of roots down the trail, it should inspire confidence with speed and encourage you to pedal up that next climb without a second thought, and it should have a company behind it that is willing to back up every claim with excellent customer service

when you need it most. Performing and enduring is what every Turner suspension mountain bike was born to do.

From day one, when David Turner found the ride quality of the suspension mountain bikes this industry had to offer lacking. It became his mission to push the abilities of the bike while other companies were choosing to streamline production in order to make suspension mountain bikes available to more consumers. David's dream had always been in creating the perfect ride without a compromise. Something he could be happy with every day of the year, rain or shine, Moab Utah or Wales UK, on a rut ridden descent or up a rocky climb. A balance of everything that is a suspension mountain bike that can only be proven by the ride. This is the dream and this is the bike.

For more information on Turner Suspension Mountain Bikes, go to our aboutTurner Bikes page.

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